The Dharma Ending Age - Ven. Master Chin Kung

Chin Kung categorizes Buddhism in practice into four different types.[2]. First, the traditional Buddhism, the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, which is very rare in our days. Second, the religious Buddhism, which does not represent the real Buddhism but it becomes recognized by the society, since temples nowadays no longer practice intense teachings and meditation as they used to be. Third, the academic Buddhism being taught in many universities today, where we see Buddhism being treated purely as philosophy. This is not comprehensive either since Buddha’s education covers everything essential to human beings rather than being one branch of the whole knowledge. Finally, the total degeneration of Buddhism into a cult. This type of Buddhism came into being in recent forty years and does great harm to the society. Chin Kung tries to correct the misunderstanding and lead the public back to the original form of Buddhism as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni.



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